Gabriella and Jonathan, Engaged

Gabriella and Jonathan, Engaged

Gabi and Jonathan's "walk about" engagement session highlights some quaint downtown Eureka Springs locations.

Mary and Dustin, Married

Mary and Dustin, Married

I'm always so grateful for every opportunity to capture images for my clients and especially thankful for the clients who turn me loose and trust me to flex my artistic muscles and expand creativity. Mary and Dustin allowed me this opportunity by working with me and sharing just enough time on their busy day for focus on imagery. It was important to them and a blessing to me. There are always time constraints, but having a couple who allows extra time for photography is just plain joyful to me.

Mary and Dustin were married at Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs on June 4. Their dinner reception was held at the 1886 Crescent Hotel. It was a perfect crowd, perfect weather, perfect music, and wonderful food. What a perfect couple. Congratulations Mary and Dustin Thoendel.

Buffalo River Bridal Shoot

Buffalo River Bridal Shoot

First I have to say that the Buffalo River stole my heart when I was a child. I always knew I would live somewhere near it when I became an adult. It's a place of peace and unmatched beauty and so deserving of it's protection and preservation.  The Buffalo National River is known for it's towering bluffs, great canoeing and scenic trails, but it is also a great place to have a wedding. 

I put together this styled bridal shoot with the help of She Said Yes Bridal in Rogers, AR and the Buffalo Outdoor Center in Ponca, AR. My beautiful daughter in law offered to model for me.  The Buffalo Outdoor Center offers it's Riverwind Lodge for weddings and receptions in the Ponca area.

Riverwind Lodge


Stacia and Lance

Stacia and Lance

Stacia and Lance couldn't have picked a more suitable place to hold their wedding and reception than the beautiful Buffalo River area of the Ozark Mountains. They choose the Riverwind Lodge at Buffalo Outdoor Center for their venue and it was absolutely perfect. Stacia wanted to keep the decor simple and elegant in green and white to reflect the natural surroundings.  Festivities began with a rehearsal and BBQ dinner at the Lodge on Friday night.

The ceremony was set for Saturday evening so family and guests could have the early part of the day to venture out and enjoy hiking, canoeing, the zipline and some of the other activities available in the local area.  Just before the sunset hour family and friends gathered for the ceremony that was held outside the lodge by the gazebo.  Afterward, food and festivities began inside the lodge. Stacia made a quick dress change and we headed out to a short photo session for the couple only as the sun was about to set. 

Amazing entertainment was provided by the Joe Giles Band and the dancing continued way into the night.  I have to say that this was one of my favorite events. Stacia and Lance have so many nice friends and family members, the location and weather were excellent, and the joyful mood was evident everywhere you looked. I'm excited to share a few of the images from their wonderful day here. Thank you, Stacia and Lance for including me in your special day!

Lindy and Jeremy

Lindy and Jeremy

Earlier in March, while it was still winter, Mother Nature breathed a sigh of spring on the day that Lindy and Jeremy were married in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The bright sunlight flowed through the glass walls and roof at Thorncrown Chapel lighting up the ceremony and creating photography challenges that I have faced many times before in this beautiful glass church during winter. Regardless, it was a sweet ceremony performed by a minister who knows the couple well. 

A reception at the Inn of the Ozarks followed the ceremony.

New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Time for a transition, a celebration of sorts. This year I am launching my new website, but also I am changing my company name to Toni Albers Photography. For many years this company has been know as Maffei Albers Photography, a collaboration between myself and my mother, Betty Maffei,  who was also an artist/photographer. We worked together for many years shooting film and video. Around the year 2000, Betty decided to turn all the shooting over to me and she ran the inner workings of the business until it was not possible for her to do that anymore. I took over all aspects of our photography business and then almost 6 years ago my Mom passed from this world.  After much thought and deliberation, pondering over branding and other decisions, it has all come together. So welcome to the new website for Toni Albers Photography. I can't wait to share images from the weddings and family sessions to come.

I would love to congratulate my latest new couples for 2016!

Jared + Johna  February 13, 2016

Jeremy + Lindy  March 5, 2016

Mary + Dustin   June 4, 2016

Thank You!

Peevsasser-254 copy

2015 was a great year for me and I am so thankful for all of my wonderful clients and new friends I made this year. You are all so special and you are the ones who make my job a joy. Thank you! I appreciate each and every one of you! Blessings to you all in the New Year!

My business will experience a little change in the coming year as I will be making an official name change from Maffei Albers Photography to Toni Albers Photography. A new website is under construction. I can still be found by all the old routes and locations and will be announcing a few new ones soon.

ButtsJohnson-163 copy
NagyHeierding-101 copy
QuadeDaigle-169 copy
TwinFalls-4 copy
TwinFalls-19 copy

Julie and Keenan

Buffalo National River Wedding, Buffalo River Wedding Photographer

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Buffalo National River Wedding, Buffalo Outdoor Center, Buffalo River Wedding PhotographerMeyerMorris-32 copy

MeyerMorris-353 copy

MeyerMorris-42 copyMeyerMorris-68 copyMeyerMorris-121 copyMeyerMorris-132 copyMeyerMorris-159 copy

Buffalo National River Wedding, Buffalo River Wedding Photographer, Buffalo Outdoor CenterMeyerMorris-168 copyMeyerMorris-254 copyMeyerMorris-321 copy

MeyerMorris-330 copy

There's a peace to be found in nature and the Buffalo National River area offers an abundance of this soul healing peace. One can only feel contentment and happiness here. Surely one of the best reasons to bring your friends and family to a place so special to share in your special day. Julie and Keenan chose the Buffalo Outdoor Center as the perfect venue for their October wedding. Relaxing group photos were taken before the wedding on the banks of the Buffalo then the intimate ceremony was held just outside of the Riverwind Lodge with the reception to follow inside the lodge. Julie and Keenan and their families put together a fantastic reception for all the special people in their lives. I was blessed to be there and share in the day and honored to be in charge of these memories.

Emily and Jason

Eureka Springs Wedding, Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Crescent Hotel, Thorncrown Chapel

Who doesn't love fall? It's an amazing transition time, right? Goodbye summer, hello new season, new changes, nature's color showcase, just wonderful. No wonder it's also a favorite time of year for many people to marry. The colors came a little early to the Arkansas Ozarks this year so it was perfect timing for Emily and Jason's wedding on October 10.  Their wedding ceremony was held at the award winning Thorncrown Chapel whose walkway was lined with stunning maples and hickories. The reception for family and friends was held at the Historic Crescent Hotel, also in Eureka Springs. Congratulations to Emily and Jason and thank you again for choosing me to spend the afternoon and evening with you on this very special occasion.

ButtsJohnson-6 copy
ButtsJohnson-27 copy
ButtsJohnson-32 copy
ButtsJohnson-37 copy
ButtsJohnson-101 copy
ButtsJohnson-134 copy
ButtsJohnson-144 copy
ButtsJohnson-163 copy
ButtsJohnson-201 copy

Summer Sunset

Buffalo River Photographer, Buffalo River portrait photographer, Buffalo National River

These girls have my heart. They were here, with their Mom and Dad, for a mid-summer visit with new vintage lacy dresses in tow. We just had to take some pictures and the summer sunset was calling. Black-eyed Susans bloomed nearby, there was a soft breeze and the light, wow the light, was. just. perfection. Madison and Hannah both have beautiful auburn hair and I love how it glows in the late evening light. It brings me so much joy to watch them run and play and just be. Just be little girls while they are. Time goes by so fast.

As the light faded the sunset colors brightened and a cloud wall drifted in causing the sunlight to shine straight up like an orange beam and then we noticed the moon and star. An unexpected charm in the sky. Perfect timing, perfect moments, sweet family all coming together to make unforgettable memories.

Buffalo National River, Buffalo River Portrait PhotographerSunsetGirls012 copySunsetGirls017 copySunsetGirls020 copySunsetGirls022 copySunsetGirls026 copySunsetGirls029 copySunsetGirls030 copySunsetGirls040 copySunsetGirls044 copySunsetGirls046 copySunsetGirls049 copySunsetGirls057 copy

Ozark Mountain Wedding

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Basin Park Hotel, Thorncrown Chapel, Thorncrown Chapel Wedding Photographer

Quite a few details go into putting any wedding together, and Jacob and Meghan's wedding was no exception. An Ozark Mountain theme added a bit of spice to their evening. Summer colors, joy and laughter, beautiful weather and lighting all came together to insure that this couple had a the perfect wedding day. And the reception would not have been complete without an amazing bluegrass band. Congratulations Meghan and Jacob! Wishing you many years of joy and happiness.

Bridges-5 copyBridges-14 copyBridges-20 copyBridges-26 copyBridges-32 copy

Bridges-45 copyBridges-51 copyBridges-62 copyBridges-63 copyBridges-97 copyBridges-108 copyBridges-130 copyBridges-179 copyBridges-216 copyBridges-233 copyBridges-237 copy

Samantha & Joshua (Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Crescent Hotel Wedding

Early May, everything is lush and green, a perfect time for a well rounded wedding. Preparations at the Bridal Suite in the New Moon Spa, a perfectly lit evening ceremony at Thorncrown Chapel and a lively reception at the Barefoot Ballroom atop the Basin Park Hotel. A lot of hard work went into making this a beautiful wedding. What a pleasure to be a part of it all. Congratulations to Samantha and Josh.

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Crescent Hotel Wedding
NagyHeierding-2 copy
Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer
NagyHeierding-36 copy
NagyHeierding-39 copy
NagyHeierding-45 copy
NagyHeierding-47 copy
NagyHeierding-52 copy
NagyHeierding-74 copy
NagyHeierding-81 copy
NagyHeierding-101 copy
NagyHeierding-119 copy
NagyHeierding-140 copy
NagyHeierding-158 copy
NagyHeierding-159 copy
NagyHeierding-172 copy
NagyHeierding-173 copy
NagyHeierding-191 copy
NagyHeierding-210 copy
NagyHeierding-219 copy
NagyHeierding-232 copy
NagyHeierding-280 copy
NagyHeierding-313 copy
NagyHeierding-290 copy

Early Morning Beauty

Buffalo River Photography, Buffalo River Photographer

Paradise. I can't think of a better description. My neighbor is a National Park, the beautiful Buffalo National River, America's first National River. Incredible beauty abounds everywhere you look. Recent heavy rains brought our water table up and recharged the waterfalls. I was up at 5:00 am and with husband in tow, we were off to capture some of that falling water and I also wanted to locate some lifting fog at sunrise while we were out there.  First stop was "Twin Falls" running so full that it is really a triple. Our second stop was the Steel Creek access where guests to the area can camp and enjoy the majesty. It's also a great place to launch onto the river by canoe or kayak.

These are only a few of the breathtaking locations in the park. There are many and so many opportunities for your portrait locations.

Buffalo River Photography

Buffalo River Photography

Jessica and Charlie (Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography

I'm a dog person. Horse person, too.  I always love it when my clients say they are bringing their dogs to their wedding or engagement session.  Jessica and Charlie wanted to get married in a country setting, an outdoor venue with their families and their boxers, Duke and Mason. They chose the Retreat at Sky Ridge for their wedding weekend. Their family members could stay in beautiful individual cabins, and Duke and Mason were welcome. The ceremony was held outdoors beside the Sky Ridge Pavilion, which was also the perfect spot for their small dinner reception.

The sky clouded up and there were a few sprinkles before the ceremony, but the rain moved away leaving us with some wonderful cloud cover and great lighting for the afternoon. Charlie and Jessica are creative people and I had to smile at Charlie's illustrated wedding vows. It was a fun, relaxed gathering on a perfect spring day. Thank you to Charlie and Jessica for including me. It was just great.

Eureka Springs Wedding Photography, Wedding PhotographerQuadeDaigle030 copyQuadeDaigle033 copyQuadeDaigle035 copyQuadeDaigle050 copy

QuadeDaigle077 copy

QuadeDaigle-177 copy

Eureka Springs Wedding Photography, Wedding PhotographerQuadeDaigle103 copyQuadeDaigle112 copyQuadeDaigle119 copyQuadeDaigle122 copy

Kate and Daniel

Arkansas Wedding Photography, Eureka Springs Wedding Photography, Thorncrown Chapel, Wedding Photography

Judging by our email conversations, I knew Kate was going to be a fun bride to work with. Daniel and his son, Barrett were equally excited about the wedding and were happy to work with me in capturing some great moments of this special day for them all. Preparations for the wedding began in one of the Crescent Hotel cottages. Kate and Daniel didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so I photographed them in separate rooms within the same cottage.

Their ceremony was held at Thorncrown Chapel in late afternoon on March 27, 2015. No leaves on the trees yet, but it's always beautiful there and they had it all to themselves.

Afterward we headed back over to the Crescent Hotel for some fun finishing shots in the evening sun. Many thanks to Kate, Daniel and Barrett for inviting me to be there and witness your coming together as a family. I hope you love the images for many, many years.

Wedding photography, Eureka Springs Wedding Photography, Thorncrown Chapel, Crescent HotelPattersonGatzke-8 copyPattersonGatzke-24 copyPattersonGatzke-29 copyPattersonGatzke-68 copy

PattersonGatzke-103 copy

Thorncrown Chapel Weddings, Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Wedding PhotographyPattersonGatzke-129 copy

Wedding Photography, Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Thorncrown Chapel, Crescent Hotel Wedding PhotographyPattersonGatzke-164 copyPattersonGatzke-177 copyPattersonGatzke-190 copyPattersonGatzke-205 copy

The Mowen Family / Buffalo River Photographer

Buffalo River Photography, Buffalo River Portrait Photography, Buffalo River Family Photography

It's Spring Break time here in the upper Buffalo River country. The trees do not have their leaves yet, but the grass is greening and the river is up and floating is excellent. The Mowen family was visiting the area last week from Texas while on their spring break vacation and asked me to capture some new photos of them while they were here. They enjoyed staying in a nearby cabin and hiking with friends.

If you are planning a visit to the Buffalo National River area, think about taking an hour or two one afternoon for a family photo session. The images will be unlike anything you can do at home and will be pieces you can cherish for a lifetime.

Buffalo River family photography, Buffalo River PhotographyMowenFamily006 copyMowenFamily008 copyMowenFamily018 copy

Buffalo River Family Photography, Buffalo River Photographer, MowenFamily027 copyMowenFamily031 copyMowenFamily033 copyMowenFamily040 copy

Carrie & Marton

wedding photography, Crystal Bridges Museum, Wedding Photography Northwest Arkansas

It was a case of "perfect timing". The winter of 2014/2015 has been a relatively mild one, that is, right up until the little window of time that was set aside for Carrie and Marton's wedding here in Northwest Arkansas.  The couple, along with the groom's brother, traveled from their home in Budapest, Hungary to share their wedding ceremony with Carrie's family here in the states. They had a very short amount of time to be here during time off from work. Carrie's mother, Karen, worked hard planning everything on this end, even flying Carrie's grandparents in from New York... then it happened. Snow, sleet, icy roads.. the works, but fortunately by the wedding day the roads were cleared and our travel to three shooting locations was going to happen after all. The snow provided a beautiful backdrop for the photographs and the sun even popped out for us during our session on the grounds of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The wedding ceremony was held at the Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, AR. Later the couple and their guests shared an intimate dinner at James at the Mill Restaurant.

Wedding Photography, Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography, Cooper Memorial ChapelMyersJuhasz019 copyMyersJuhasz025 copy

Wedding Photography, Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography, Cooper Memorial Chapel, Crystal Bridges MuseumMyersJuhasz-166 copyMyersJuhasz-190 copy

Wedding Photography, Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography, Crystal Bridges MuseumMyersJuhasz156 copyMyersJuhasz181 copy

Preserving Your Memories

I have always loved photographs. As a child I used to look through old family photo albums often. My grandparents died when I was very small so I didn't know them personally, but I was able to see pictures of them in those albums. I'm much older now and I still keep and cherish those images. A number of people in my immediate family have passed on and the photographs of them are even more valuable. Today's digital photography opportunities are almost unlimited and offer us so many new ways to keep and share our images. This is amazing technology that has opened so many doors for all of us, especially photographers. Sadly, the vast majority of images are not printed anymore and remain hidden on discs, phones, computers and external drives. Regardless, there is still a wonderful feeling to be able to sit and look through printed photographs. The feel of a well made album, along with it's beauty and durability are unmatched. Most importantly, a well made album is archival. It will outlast the changes in technology for many years to come and quite possibly will be available for your grandchildren and their children to look through and cherish.

I offer a few different types of custom built albums to my clients and I have included sample photographs of a few below. If you are considering my services for your wedding or family photo session, please give thought to receiving your images in one of these beautiful long lasting books. I will be happy to discuss the options available with you. Images on a disc or usb drive are also available.

AlbumPhotos copy

AlbumPhotos-2 copyAlbumPhotos-3 copyAlbumPhotos-4 copyAlbumPhotos-5 copyAlbumPhotos-6 copyAlbumPhotos-8 copyAlbumPhotos-10 copyAlbumPhotos-11 copyAlbumPhotos-12 copyAlbumPhotos-13 copyAlbumPhotos-14 copyAlbumPhotos-17 copy




Peevy + Elsasser = Peevsasser

Crescent Hotel Wedding, Eureka Springs Wedding Photography, Wedding Photography

Meet Mr and Mrs Peevsasser. Married on the best October weekend, with the very best October weather and a good crowd of loving and caring guests, Amanda and Shaun celebrate.

I first photographed Amanda and Shaun near the Buffalo National River in June for their engagement session (click here).  For their wedding they choose the Historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The ceremony was held on the east lawn near the flower gardens and the reception took place in the Crescent Conservatory.

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Crescent Hotel Wedding Photographer

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer

Crescent Hotel Wedding Photographer

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography

Peevsasser-353 copy

Peevsasser-309 copy

Peevsasser-360 copy

Peevsasser-362 copy

Peevsasser-365 copy