Preserving Your Memories

I have always loved photographs. As a child I used to look through old family photo albums often. My grandparents died when I was very small so I didn't know them personally, but I was able to see pictures of them in those albums. I'm much older now and I still keep and cherish those images. A number of people in my immediate family have passed on and the photographs of them are even more valuable. Today's digital photography opportunities are almost unlimited and offer us so many new ways to keep and share our images. This is amazing technology that has opened so many doors for all of us, especially photographers. Sadly, the vast majority of images are not printed anymore and remain hidden on discs, phones, computers and external drives. Regardless, there is still a wonderful feeling to be able to sit and look through printed photographs. The feel of a well made album, along with it's beauty and durability are unmatched. Most importantly, a well made album is archival. It will outlast the changes in technology for many years to come and quite possibly will be available for your grandchildren and their children to look through and cherish.

I offer a few different types of custom built albums to my clients and I have included sample photographs of a few below. If you are considering my services for your wedding or family photo session, please give thought to receiving your images in one of these beautiful long lasting books. I will be happy to discuss the options available with you. Images on a disc or usb drive are also available.

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