Stacia and Lance

Stacia and Lance couldn't have picked a more suitable place to hold their wedding and reception than the beautiful Buffalo River area of the Ozark Mountains. They choose the Riverwind Lodge at Buffalo Outdoor Center for their venue and it was absolutely perfect. Stacia wanted to keep the decor simple and elegant in green and white to reflect the natural surroundings.  Festivities began with a rehearsal and BBQ dinner at the Lodge on Friday night.

The ceremony was set for Saturday evening so family and guests could have the early part of the day to venture out and enjoy hiking, canoeing, the zipline and some of the other activities available in the local area.  Just before the sunset hour family and friends gathered for the ceremony that was held outside the lodge by the gazebo.  Afterward, food and festivities began inside the lodge. Stacia made a quick dress change and we headed out to a short photo session for the couple only as the sun was about to set. 

Amazing entertainment was provided by the Joe Giles Band and the dancing continued way into the night.  I have to say that this was one of my favorite events. Stacia and Lance have so many nice friends and family members, the location and weather were excellent, and the joyful mood was evident everywhere you looked. I'm excited to share a few of the images from their wonderful day here. Thank you, Stacia and Lance for including me in your special day!