Kate and Daniel

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Judging by our email conversations, I knew Kate was going to be a fun bride to work with. Daniel and his son, Barrett were equally excited about the wedding and were happy to work with me in capturing some great moments of this special day for them all. Preparations for the wedding began in one of the Crescent Hotel cottages. Kate and Daniel didn't want to see each other before the ceremony so I photographed them in separate rooms within the same cottage.

Their ceremony was held at Thorncrown Chapel in late afternoon on March 27, 2015. No leaves on the trees yet, but it's always beautiful there and they had it all to themselves.

Afterward we headed back over to the Crescent Hotel for some fun finishing shots in the evening sun. Many thanks to Kate, Daniel and Barrett for inviting me to be there and witness your coming together as a family. I hope you love the images for many, many years.

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