Jessica and Charlie (Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

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I'm a dog person. Horse person, too.  I always love it when my clients say they are bringing their dogs to their wedding or engagement session.  Jessica and Charlie wanted to get married in a country setting, an outdoor venue with their families and their boxers, Duke and Mason. They chose the Retreat at Sky Ridge for their wedding weekend. Their family members could stay in beautiful individual cabins, and Duke and Mason were welcome. The ceremony was held outdoors beside the Sky Ridge Pavilion, which was also the perfect spot for their small dinner reception.

The sky clouded up and there were a few sprinkles before the ceremony, but the rain moved away leaving us with some wonderful cloud cover and great lighting for the afternoon. Charlie and Jessica are creative people and I had to smile at Charlie's illustrated wedding vows. It was a fun, relaxed gathering on a perfect spring day. Thank you to Charlie and Jessica for including me. It was just great.

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