New Year, New Beginnings

Time for a transition, a celebration of sorts. This year I am launching my new website, but also I am changing my company name to Toni Albers Photography. For many years this company has been know as Maffei Albers Photography, a collaboration between myself and my mother, Betty Maffei,  who was also an artist/photographer. We worked together for many years shooting film and video. Around the year 2000, Betty decided to turn all the shooting over to me and she ran the inner workings of the business until it was not possible for her to do that anymore. I took over all aspects of our photography business and then almost 6 years ago my Mom passed from this world.  After much thought and deliberation, pondering over branding and other decisions, it has all come together. So welcome to the new website for Toni Albers Photography. I can't wait to share images from the weddings and family sessions to come.

I would love to congratulate my latest new couples for 2016!

Jared + Johna  February 13, 2016

Jeremy + Lindy  March 5, 2016

Mary + Dustin   June 4, 2016