Summer Sunset

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These girls have my heart. They were here, with their Mom and Dad, for a mid-summer visit with new vintage lacy dresses in tow. We just had to take some pictures and the summer sunset was calling. Black-eyed Susans bloomed nearby, there was a soft breeze and the light, wow the light, was. just. perfection. Madison and Hannah both have beautiful auburn hair and I love how it glows in the late evening light. It brings me so much joy to watch them run and play and just be. Just be little girls while they are. Time goes by so fast.

As the light faded the sunset colors brightened and a cloud wall drifted in causing the sunlight to shine straight up like an orange beam and then we noticed the moon and star. An unexpected charm in the sky. Perfect timing, perfect moments, sweet family all coming together to make unforgettable memories.

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