Amber and Adam = A2

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Thorncrown Chapel

It was nearly a year ago that I first met Amber and Adam. They came to Ponca and met me for their Autumn engagement session at the Buffalo National River. Those photographs were so amazing because of the chemistry between these two... the fall colors were good, too, but even with fall colors if the feeling is not there the photographs are not the same.  Amber and Adam are two of the kindest people I have ever met and their love for each other is so evident. The way they interact makes my job real easy.

I was so happy to be able to capture images before their wedding ceremony that include the two of them helping each other get ready for this event of a lifetime. More often than not, I am present to capture images of the bride and her bride's maids getting ready for the ceremony together, but I found this situation so special.  I loved the gentle interaction between these two... you can sense it in the photos below. The images of them getting ready, the pre wedding and wedding party images and the reception were all photographed at the Historic Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The ceremony was held at Thorncrown Chapel.

First off, a peek back at last November:

Buffalo River Engagement Photography, Buffalo River Photographer, Engagement Photography

Fast forward to October 17, 2014:

 Eureka Springs Wedding Photography

WoodwardBenzabehWed-6 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-15 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-21 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-26 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-34 copy

Eureka Springs Wedding Photography

WoodwardBenzabehWed-48 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-50 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-51 copy

Eureka Springs Wedding PhotographyWoodwardBenzabehWed-64 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-73 copyWoodwardBenzabehWed-120 copyWoodwardBenzabehWed-131 copyWoodwardBenzabehWed-166 copyWoodwardBenzabehWed-248 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-323 copy

Mr and Mrs Smith : )

RauschenbergerSmith246 copy

Pure happiness! I can't think of another way to phrase it. On September 27, Ronni Rauschenberger married Tyler Smith in the presence of family members and friends at Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and I was there for most of the day to capture all the fun.  I also had the pleasure of photographing Ronni and Tyler and their sweet dogs, Roxie and Riley last fall for their Engagement photos. I've included one of the images from that session below.

 I love having the opportunity to photograph a couple before the wedding day. An Engagement session is a great way to lay the foundation for a working relationship between my clients and myself.  We've spent some fun time together getting to know each other and that helps my clients feel more at ease in front of the camera as their wedding day unfolds. Even the dogs seemed to remember me!

Following this lovely evening ceremony a reception was held at the Barefoot Ballroom atop the Historic Basin Park Hotel complete with a delicious buffet, toasts, cake, high energy dancing and an elevator send off.  A few highlight photos of the day are posted below. Be sure to leave a comment at the end....  and Congratulations Ronni and Tyler!

RauschenbergerSmith-12 copy

Now, nearly a year later:

RauschenbergerSmith003 copy

RauschenbergerSmith004 copy

RauschenbergerSmith014 copy

RauschenbergerSmith054 copy

RauschenbergerSmith031 copy

RauschenbergerSmith056 copy

RauschenbergerSmith058 copy

RauschenbergerSmith064 copy

RauschenbergerSmith066 copy

RauschenbergerSmith084 copy

RauschenbergerSmith091 copy

RauschenbergerSmith139 copy

RauschenbergerSmith229 copy

RauschenbergerSmith243 copy

RauschenbergerSmith258 copy

RauschenbergerSmith345 copy

RauschenbergerSmith450 copy

RauschenbergerSmith451 copy

RauschenbergerSmith490 copy

Caringtan and Joel, White River Wedding

  MyersWalkerBlog-71 copy

It's always exciting for me to be able to photograph an event in a special place that I have never worked at before. So I was super happy to have the opportunity to photograph Joel and Caringtan's wedding at a beautiful barn located on the White River here in Arkansas. The weather held and it was an excellent day for the large crowd that gathered for the ceremony and festivities that followed.  Joel and Caringtan exchanged vows outside the barn doors just before sunset.  We moved down to a perfect location by the river for some group shots afterward.  The lighting and colors all worked in our favor and I have so much to share with Mr and Mrs Walker and their families.  Congratulations Joel, Caringtan and Wyatt.

MyersWalkerBlog-5 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-9 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-11 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-15 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-18 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-28 copyMyersWalkerBlog-36 copyMyersWalkerBlog-37 copyMyersWalkerBlog-38 copyMyersWalkerBlog-42 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-14 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-44 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-48 copyMyersWalkerBlog-51 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-60 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-67 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-45 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-62 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-20 copy

MyersWalkerBlog-68 copyMyersWalkerBlog-65 copy

Shaun & Amanda, Buffalo River Engagement Session

Buffalo River

My favorite place to photograph people is right here in my own "backyard". I will be shooting Shaun and Amanda's wedding this fall in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, but they wanted something different for their engagement photographs so the Buffalo National River was perfect. The scenery is has an incredible impact that is not found anywhere else and beautiful locations to shoot are everywhere.  Shaun and Amanda brought their sweet dogs along to join them in a few photos as well.

I'm looking forward to their wedding in October during our peak foliage season, it should be breathtaking.

PeevyElsasserEngage-4 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-15 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-26 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-28 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-35 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-46 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-65 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-75 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-80 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-84 copyPeevyElsasserEngage-85 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-107 copy

PeevyElsasserEngage-121 copy

Sandra and John

  NicholsLemke-15 copy

If you happen to be a friend of Sandra Nichols or John Lemke you should count yourself very lucky.  To have an opportunity to interact with them leads to joy, smiles and ultimately laughter. It's great to be in their company. Having been together for many years before deciding to have a wedding, John and Sandra knew they wanted a simple  and fun celebration to share with their close family and friends.  Because John is an architect and an admirer of Faye Jones, he wanted to be married at Thorncrown Chapel.  We spent some time in historic downtown Eureka Springs taking some fun portraits before their Chapel ceremony.  The next morning they hosted a brunch reception for their guests complete with every imaginable breakfast goodie they could come up with, whimsical decorations, crossword puzzles, complimentary coffee cups and even doughnut holes for the road.  That event was held in the Ozark Room at the Historic Basin Park Hotel. It was a great way to close out the weekend of fun and enjoy a last meal with friends and family before saying good bye.  I wish John and Sandra many more years to come. Keep making each other (and everyone else) smile.

NicholsLemke-30 copy

NicholsLemke-70 copy

NicholsLemke-65 copy

NicholsLemke-68 copy

NicholsLemke-83 copy

NicholsLemke-81 copy

NicholsLemke-100 copy

NicholsLemke-103 copy

NicholsLemke-125 copy

NicholsLemke-146 copy

NicholsLemke-169 copy

NicholsLemke-173 copy

NicholsLemke-184 copy

NicholsLemke-199 copy

NicholsLemke-202 copy

NicholsLemke-216 copy

Natalie and Steven's Journey of Love


Bagley081 copyEarly May in Arkansas reminds me of the phrase "Halycon Days," wherein everything is idyllic sunshine, soft breezes and puffy-cloud skies.  For Steven and Natalie Bagley, it was entirely so as their lovely wedding at Thorncrown Chapel was backdropped by the perfect spring day.  In fact, it was one of those days wherein everything just came together.   No matter where we chose to photograph---the Crescent Hotel, St. Elizabeth's Church, downtown Eureka Springs, the mountain-top setting they'd chosen for their reception---the moments unfolded and my camera loved what it saw.  Adding to the Bagley's Perfect Day were Steven and Natalie's family members who had traveled from so many places to take part in their wedding.

Bagley006 copy


Bagley043 copy

Bagley057 copy

Bagley062 copy

Bagley070 copy

Bagley075 copy

Bagley078 copy

Bagley089 copy


Bagley129 copy

Bagley133 copy

Bagley185 copy

Bagley200 copy

Bagley243 copy

Bagley261 copy

Dori and Matt

Dori and Matt


ReedJett-2 copy

I've been shooting weddings for a long, long time, and I have to say that I love it more now than ever. I am so blessed to be able to feel excitement before every wedding because it's another opportunity for me to capture memories for a family, and to practice my art medium.  That said, I had been looking forward to Dori and Matt's wedding for some time. Knowing it would be held over the Easter weekend  gave me some insight into what would be blooming at the time. It was an amazing day and the flowers in the gardens at the Crescent Hotel were so colorful.  Dori and Matt were joined by their family members and close friends for an evening ceremony outdoors. It was peaceful and beautiful and uncomplicated.  I'm sharing just a few of my picks from the images here. The Jetts and their families will have quite a few images to look through when I finish my work. Blessings to my new friends, Dori and Matt Jett.

ReedJett-8 copy

ReedJett-16 copy



ReedJett-71 copy

ReedJett-145 copy




ReedJett-257 copy

ReedJett-267 copy

ReedJett-279 copy

ReedJett-284 copy

Venue: The Historic Crescent Hotel and Spa

Florals and decor: Libby Primm of Primm and Proper Occasions

Fun at the creek

File0031 copy

We've been waiting for these perfect spring days to arrive. After a long, cold, rough winter the sunshine, greening grass and blooming trees are the most refreshing sight.  I love to photograph my family and I just don't get to do it often enough. This is Austin and Hailey, my son and daughter in law. We've talked about doing a portrait session at this little spot on a creek for a long time and a few days ago we finally got there, BUT... it was still cold. We only pulled off a few shots and talked about coming back real soon on a warmer day so I don't have much to share here, but I hope to have some follow up shots in the near future.



File0052 copy

Caitrin and David

WolfordGentry-5 copy

I love spring. Although the outdoor flowers had not caught up with Caitrin's amazing bouquet, spring was still in the air as Caitrin Wolford and David Gentry pledged their vows in front of family and friends in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in late March. A dinner reception was held at the Historic Basin Park Hotel following their ceremony at Thorncrown Chapel.  Caitrin was delighted when her father surprised her with an unplanned, yet sentimental father-daughter dance.  The details of the event were exceptional, just like the beautiful ring David placed on Caitrin's hand.  Even their send off was joyous and colorful.

Welcome spring, I look forward to what else you will bring.

WolfordGentry-16 copy

WolfordGentry-3 copy                           WolfordGentry-35 copy

WolfordGentry-13 copy

WolfordGentry-12 copy

  WolfordGentry-18 copy

WolfordGentry-36 copy

WolfordGentry-28 copy

WolfordGentry-31 copy

Nicholas and Tessa

GoffMoody-121 copy

 Thank goodness it's spring... insert smiley face here. Tessa and Nicholas have waited a long time for spring and their March wedding.

We sat down at the Mud Street Cafe one day last year and discussed this very special day.  Tessa and Nicholas knew just what they wanted in terms of wedding photography and I was happy to oblige.  Several months and one lovely wedding later I'm happy to share just a few of the images from their special event. I'm still working on them all, seems like it takes a long time, but hang it there.... it won't be long.

GoffMoody-37 copy

GoffMoody-16 copy

GoffMoody-18 copy

GoffMoody-64 copy

Brandy and Greg, Buffalo River Wedding Photographer

DownsBackofen-78 copy


Brandy and Greg were married on November 12, 2013 on the steps of the Boxley Baptist Church in Boxley, Arkansas.. aka Buffalo River country.  It was still fall, although the peak of leaf color was over. We still managed to find some beautiful spots and excellent fall color for our photography session. This post has been a long time coming and I am happy to share a few photos from our adventures that morning.

Brandy and Greg, thank you for your patience!

DownsBackofen-34 copy

DownsBackofen-37 copy

DownsBackofen-61 copy

DownsBackofen-75 copy

DownsBackofen-87 copy

DownsBackofen-89 copy

DownsBackofencard-5 copy

DownsBackofen-112 copy

DownsBackofen-113 copy

DownsBackofencard-7 copy

DownsBackofen-115 copy

Non-Stop Fall

I can't remember a busier fall season in all my years of shooting. It seems like I photographed weddings back to back for a few months. In an effort to try to get some images out to my clients I have neglected my blog for weeks on end. I'm taking a little time out from editing for Christmas and I thought I might put a little blog post out there with samples from my most recent weddings and sessions. I've met some amazing, wonderful people this year. I think I am blessed with some of the best clients in the world. 2014 is looking like an equally busy year. I have so much to look forward to, but for now I am sharing some photos of a small group of my October and November sessions.  Merry Christmas and blessings for a happy and prosperous New Year!














McGrawBabich-180 copy

McGrawBabich-302 copy

DownsBackofencard-5 copy

DownsBackofencard-7 copy

Rachel and James

Rachel is a gorgeous bride, but underneath all that beauty lies a fantastic sense of humor and love of creativity. As captured in the photographs below, this wedding was not without laughter and fun and a definite uniqueness all it's own. Because James is a restaurant manager, there was some excellent food to be had following the ceremony.   I'm always happy to share in a family's special day and this couple with their families and friends made it a great experience all the way around. Capturing portraits during the best lighting of the day is always a plus, too.  Congratulations Rachel and James and thank you for letting me in on the fun.


JuilleratSparks011 copy

JuilleratSparks012 copy

JuilleratSparks-30 copy


JuilleratSparks-40 copy

JuilleratSparks-37 copy

JuilleratSparks-46 copy

JuilleratSparks-48 copy

JuilleratSparks-52 copy

JuilleratSparks-56 copy

JuilleratSparks-59 copy

JuilleratSparks-88 copy

JuilleratSparks-94 copy

JuilleratSparks-116 copy

JuilleratSparks-181 copy

JuilleratSparks130 copy

JuilleratSparks142 copy

JuilleratSparks156 copy

Melody and Tony

MorrisonSimpson-30 copy

Meet my new friends, Melody and Tony.  Their wedding was held on October 12, 2013 in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I so enjoyed getting to meet and work with them both. I love it when we can schedule plenty of time for photographs to be taken in various locations before we loose daylight. Melody and Tony were happy to work with me on this and we have a great group of shots that they will be able to treasure for years to come.  Best wishes to you both for a long, long happy marriage.

MorrisonSimpson-18 copy

MorrisonSimpson-45 copy

MorrisonSimpson-53 copy

MorrisonSimpson-56 copy

MorrisonSimpson-62 copy

MorrisonSimpson-84 copy

MorrisonSimpson-101 copy

MorrisonSimpson-107 copy

MorrisonSimpson-111 copy

MorrisonSimpson-144 copy

MorrisonSimpson-193 copy

MorrisonSimpson-220 copy

MorrisonSimpson-222 copy

MorrisonSimpson-243 copy

MorrisonSimpson-308 copy

MorrisonSimpson-334 copy

Sara and BJ

NiemczykHamlin-29 copy

Although their wedding day was rainy, Sara and BJ were content to move their ceremony indoors and celebrate in the historic beauty around them.  Mr and Mrs Hamlin exchanged vows and held a dinner reception at the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on September 28. Prior to the ceremony the couple sent letters to each other at the hotel ,via their attendants, to share their thoughts. I've posted here only a few of the many lovely images I captured for them.  Wishing you many years of joy and happiness, Sara and BJ.

NiemczykHamlin-30 copy

NiemczykHamlin-14 copy

NiemczykHamlin-19 copy

NiemczykHamlin-115 copy

NiemczykHamlin-135 copy

NiemczykHamlin-208 copy

NiemczykHamlin-185 copy

NiemczykHamlin-223 copy

NiemczykHamlin-287 copy

Brent and Daria

IsomBailey-11 copy

I, like most photographers, love excellent lighting and I was fortunate enough to have it in my favor on September 20.  Add to that a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, who happens to know a thing or two about lighting himself, and I was able to capture some lovely images for Brent and Daria's wedding day. We held a pre-ceremony photo session at the Historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas before traveling out to Thorncrown Chapel for their wedding ceremony. Brent and Daria welcomed guests and celebrated at their reception in the Crescent Hotel Conservatory afterward. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your special event Mr and Mrs Bailey.

IsomBailey-15 copy

IsomBailey-43 copy

IsomBailey-87 copy

IsomBailey-41 copy

IsomBailey-45 copy

IsomBailey-58 copy

IsomBailey-59 copy

IsomBailey-60 copy

IsomBailey-62 copy

IsomBailey-81 copy

IsomBailey-132 copy

IsomBailey-197 copy

Katie and John are Married (Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

  ReynoldsRoss-182 copy

Katie Reynolds and John Ross chose the perfect combination of venues and an excellent day to complete their beautiful ceremony and reception. This was a great group of nice people. Katie and John were so easy to work with and it shows in their beautiful wedding images. Thank you Katie and John.


ReynoldsRoss-16 copy

ReynoldsRoss-31 copy

ReynoldsRoss-55 copy

ReynoldsRoss-78 copy

ReynoldsRoss-82 copy

ReynoldsRoss-103 copy

ReynoldsRoss-104 copy

ReynoldsRoss-105 copy

ReynoldsRoss-107 copy

ReynoldsRoss-115 copy

ReynoldsRoss-122 copy

ReynoldsRoss-129 copy

ReynoldsRoss-162 copy

ReynoldsRoss-169 copy

ReynoldsRoss-174 copy

Kailee and Justin - (Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

SmithKobe-142 copy

Another fairy tale wedding? This was about as close as it gets. Beautiful bride, handsome, happy groom and one adorable little girl. What a sweet family and a perfect day. Kailee and Justin were married on September 14, 2013 at the Historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Their families and close friends were present to witness the vows and help celebrate the day.  The ceremony took place in the beautiful fountain garden and the cake reception was held in the Crescent Conservatory.  I was so happy to be a part of this celebration and am pleased to present this sneak peek for Kailee and Justin. The complete package is headed your way soon, but for now enjoy these captured moments.

SmithKobe-6 copy

SmithKobe-31 copy

SmithKobe-47 copy

SmithKobe-49 copy

SmithKobe-58 copy

SmithKobe-72 copy

SmithKobe-77 copy

SmithKobe-95 copy

SmithKobe-100 copy

SmithKobe-116 copy

SmithKobe-121 copy

SmithKobe-207 copy

SmithKobe-264 copy

SmithKobe-285 copy

SmithKobe-302 copy

SmithKobe-346 copy

SmithKobe-350 copy

At the Lake!


LangfordLortonblog2 copy

I've had a wonderful flow of weddings lately and have spent a great deal of time editing and not enough blogging. Though out of order, I wanted to go ahead and post a few of these images from a small, yet lovely, wedding that I covered last Saturday evening at Beaver Lakefront Cabins just west of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Misty and Terry were married on one of the cabin decks surrounded by a few family members and friends.  We were able to take some photographs before their ceremony while we still had some daylight to work with.  While trekking down to the lakeside to capture a shot at the boat dock, I saw the opportunity for the photograph above and a chance to use off camera flash.  I was fortunate to have my good friend, Rhonda Mills, assisting me that day so with her help we were able to set up the lighting quickly and capture a few shots at sunset.  So here's to you, Misty and Terry. I'll have the rest of the images finished in a few weeks, but for now you can enjoy these few.


LangfordLortonblog3 copy



LangfordLorton copy

James and Diana

It was an unusual August here in the Arkansas Ozarks with an incredible stretch of cool, rainy weather. The weather was perfect and lighting ideal. Diana was stunning and James looked terrific. Diana devised a "first look" plan that I had not photographed before and it was fun to be a part of it all.  Everything went as planned and this couple, who are so obviously in love, enjoyed a perfect wish come true.