Amber and Adam = A2

Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer, Thorncrown Chapel

It was nearly a year ago that I first met Amber and Adam. They came to Ponca and met me for their Autumn engagement session at the Buffalo National River. Those photographs were so amazing because of the chemistry between these two... the fall colors were good, too, but even with fall colors if the feeling is not there the photographs are not the same.  Amber and Adam are two of the kindest people I have ever met and their love for each other is so evident. The way they interact makes my job real easy.

I was so happy to be able to capture images before their wedding ceremony that include the two of them helping each other get ready for this event of a lifetime. More often than not, I am present to capture images of the bride and her bride's maids getting ready for the ceremony together, but I found this situation so special.  I loved the gentle interaction between these two... you can sense it in the photos below. The images of them getting ready, the pre wedding and wedding party images and the reception were all photographed at the Historic Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The ceremony was held at Thorncrown Chapel.

First off, a peek back at last November:

Buffalo River Engagement Photography, Buffalo River Photographer, Engagement Photography

Fast forward to October 17, 2014:

 Eureka Springs Wedding Photography

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WoodwardBenzabehWed-15 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-21 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-26 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-34 copy

Eureka Springs Wedding Photography

WoodwardBenzabehWed-48 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-50 copy

WoodwardBenzabehWed-51 copy

Eureka Springs Wedding PhotographyWoodwardBenzabehWed-64 copy

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WoodwardBenzabehWed-323 copy