Sandra and John

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If you happen to be a friend of Sandra Nichols or John Lemke you should count yourself very lucky.  To have an opportunity to interact with them leads to joy, smiles and ultimately laughter. It's great to be in their company. Having been together for many years before deciding to have a wedding, John and Sandra knew they wanted a simple  and fun celebration to share with their close family and friends.  Because John is an architect and an admirer of Faye Jones, he wanted to be married at Thorncrown Chapel.  We spent some time in historic downtown Eureka Springs taking some fun portraits before their Chapel ceremony.  The next morning they hosted a brunch reception for their guests complete with every imaginable breakfast goodie they could come up with, whimsical decorations, crossword puzzles, complimentary coffee cups and even doughnut holes for the road.  That event was held in the Ozark Room at the Historic Basin Park Hotel. It was a great way to close out the weekend of fun and enjoy a last meal with friends and family before saying good bye.  I wish John and Sandra many more years to come. Keep making each other (and everyone else) smile.

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