Ashley and Austin, Dancing the night away in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

As a photographer, I always look forward to shooting the next wedding. Having done this for awhile you could say I am somewhat "seasoned", but that doesn't stop me from studying and learning new things. This wedding was one I had looked forward to for awhile and I knew I had some time to give it during shooting that would allow me to practice new techniques. Thank you, Austin and Ashley for scheduling in that extra hour of shooting... for that we have some keepers.
Austin Freeman and Ashley Mildfelt were married on Saturday, November 12 at Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Their reception was held at The Space in downtown Eureka Springs. I didn't know before hand that in addition to being a very smart and sweet couple, Austin and Ashley can dance up a storm.... and so could most of their guests. Dinner was great, the location was great and the dance floor never cooled off.. not for a minute.
These are just a few of my favorite shots from our afternoon and evening together.

The green spots on the next photo are from the lazor lights.  Kudos to our great DJ, Sean from Music in Motion.