Gladden-Nance Family photos

I love family photos. They are so special and so important at the same time.
What a blessing it was for me when my friend, Grace asked me to come and capture a few family photos for her during a casual reception for her son and new daughter in law who had recently married. It's the blending of families and this was a time when all of the family members would be present and an excellent opportunity to gather a few shots. I was so happy that I had the day open.  Some of my favorite shots from the day are below.

Even the dogs are related and it was a chance for mother and daughter to share a photo!
This has to be my favorite shot of the day. Lovely Grace with her newly married son, Will, and her beautiful daughter Crystal.

All of the family in one spot.  What a great day!
The view of the lake from the house is outstanding and such a beautiful spot for this gathering.