Morgan and Charles ( Eureka Springs Wedding Photographer)

I had been looking forward to this event for quite some time. Morgan, Charles and I had been trying to settle on a location for photos before their wedding ceremony and were running out of options. Fortunately, one of Morgan's friends had this lovely vacation home in Holiday Island, just north of Eureka Springs, where Morgan was to get ready for the ceremony. It turned out to be a wonderful spot to capture some "before" photos and that all important "first look".  Morgan is a beautiful bride and so easy to capture in photographs.

I usually try to keep an air of comedy going when I am shooting a couple before their ceremony, but this time I didn't have to. Charles kept me in stitches from the moment he entered the room. He could swing a  great "serious" look for the picture, then he was back to keeping the smiles and giggles going.

We stopped in downtown Eureka Springs at  Harding Spring for some beautiful garden photos before heading out to Circle of Light for their ceremony and reception at the lake.

Final shot of the night, giving it my best shot at OCF.  I'm happy. 
Have a great sneak peek, Charles & Morgan.  I'll be in touch.