Tim, Meredith and Beau!

I have learned over the years how special and important every wedding is, whether I attend it or not. Now and then I get to attend a wedding that just tugs at my heart and this was one of them. Meredith and Tim traveled to Eureka Springs to be married at Thorncrown Chapel and they brought their precious little son with them. Beau is just a few months old and traveled well with his mom and dad. He was well attended and his parents made sure he was fed and had a dry diaper before the ceremony began. Beau was to stay in his little seat just next to Patricia, Thorncrown's music "goddess" who was tending music for the ceremony. Of course everything started out just fine, but Beau decided he was ready to be with his parents again about half way through their ceremony. It was so heartwarming to see how these two loving parents took care of their child firsthand,  and then finished their ceremony with him in their arms. It was a first for me, Patricia, and Doug Reed, Thorncrown's minister.  Meredith, Tim and Beau are a sweet family and I am blessed to have been a part of this special wedding celebration. Here is a peek at a few of their sweet moments.